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Our team is experienced in handling a wide variety of lock problems. See our list below of frequently asked questions for clarification. We can help you handle everyday problems! Learn what to do when the locks are damaged and the keys are misplaced.

I have just moved in to a new apartment, do I need to rekey the locks? They seem to be working fine

When you are moving into a new place, it is important to rekey the locks.  Even though the locks are in working condition, the previous occupants of the apartment still have the keys to your doors.  While there are other items in your to-do list, seeking locksmith services should be on your top priority list.  “Locksmith Surprise” offer services for locks and keys.

Do locksmiths deal with cars and its locks?

Experienced locksmiths are able to assist customers with variety of car locksmith issues.  Locksmiths are able to help you especially when you are locked out of your car.  They are able to make copies of the car keys.   Some locksmiths are also trained in handling car ignition keys for majority of vehicles especially for older models.  However, luxury cars are often difficult to duplicate and must be taken to the car dealers themselves.

When should I change the lock keys?

This is one of the first things you should do when you purchase a new property or if there has been some sort of intrusion. Moreover you should also check to ensure that there's sufficient protection, bearing in mind the new security challenges.

Are keys well protected from damage?

Yes, they provide reliable protection when they are made of steel or brass. Still, this doesn’t mean that they're safe from damage. One of the more commonly occurring issues is a bent blade. This increases the risk of the key breaking inside the lock considerably. That is why it is best to check your keys for bending on a regular basis.

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