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Smart tips offered by the best locksmiths. Stop security problems with these wise methods.

Tips on leaving a spare key

In case you cannot leave a spare key to a trusted neighbor or person, it is helpful to:
• Leave a key on a second story window up front. You may use a ladder; this is an uncommon place a thief may not think of.
• Contact “Locksmith Surprise” to help you and provide you with your duplicate keys and other locksmith jobs.

Tips on when to decide to break-in your house

At times when you have exhausted all your efforts in locating the keys or trying to fix the lock and the locksmith services are still coming, patience is always a good virtue when awaiting. When all else fails, you are free to break-in your house any moment you seem fit. However, know that this could cost you money for the repair.

Keep your home secure

Lock replacement every few years is vital for home security but it's also good to reinforce your personal safety with gate and garage door locks. Install plenty of lights in the perimeter and connect all entrances with the main alarm system. Remember to keep the doors locked.

Get dead bolts and two doors

If you want to reinforce security at home, it's good to invest in deadbolt installation according to our locksmith contractor in Surprise. You can also have a second security door at the main entrances which can also be locked and, thus, make the life of intruders harder.

Choose long screws for strike plates

The strike plate is secured against the jamb with 2-4 screws and it's best to choose long ones to ensure its stability over time. During lock repair, it should be one of the first things to check. Short screws will loosen up much faster.

Always keep a set of duplicate keys

Being locked out of your home, office, or vehicle is a nightmare you would not want to experience. To be safe, always keep a set of duplicate keys with you at all times. Keep them in a handy bag or purse that you never leave without. Otherwise, make sure that an expert locksmith is in your contacts list.

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