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Learn about the Different Types of Commercial Door Locks Available

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

In a typical office, there are several things which you need to keep out of the reach of petty thieves, hardened criminals or even industrial spies. There’s your expensive set of computers, printers, confidential files, money if you’re a financial institution – and a host of other important items crucial to your daily operations. To secure these items from possible break-ins, you do need to secure the perimeter of your office with high-security locks. Fortunately, there are plenty of types of commercial door locks that you can use, which we will learn more about here.

Types of Commercial Lock Doors & Office Security Features Available

Similar to a typical home, it will be your office’s main entrance which becomes a target for thieves. To boost the security of the main entrance in your office, here are the different types of commercial locks and other security features that you can use:

Alarm Rims

This easy-to-install lock is designed with weather-proof and waterproof features. If your office is located away from a commercial building as a separate establishment, this is an ideal type of lock to use. The commercial lock is placed in a tamper-resistant case; has an audible and visual alarm; and has upgraded code safety requirements.

Card Readers

You will see card readers used as locks in hotel rooms, although they are also used in commercial establishments. This type of a commercial door lock comes equipped with a LED light alarm to indicate accepted access.

Deadbolt Locks

Also used in typical homes, deadbolt locks may be traditional – but they serve the purpose of physically protecting the inside of your home or office. There are deadbolt locks which cannot be easily tampered with or sawed through, thus offering a high level of security for doors.

Exit Control Locks

Typically used for back exits in offices, an exit control lock comes with an Exit bar sign. Battery-powered, the locks are quite easy to install. If you want to upgrade the security at the back entrance of your office, most locksmith companies in Surprise recommend choosing one with an aluminium housing to make it tamper- and attack-resistant.

Fingerprint Locks

Finally, you can use fingerprint locks which have a locking mechanism activated by a fingerprint scanner. Take your pick from any of these commercial door locks to protect your office from possible break-ins.

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